Monday, July 26, 2010

Today's finds!

Today while on a frustration relieving hunt, I found a few new items to add to my collection at my local Target. I was on a hunt for Transformers Generations Drift and Thrust. They are no where to be found here in Chattanooga. At Target, I found the A-Team van on clearance for less than $7 and some Rise of Cobra vehicles on clearance. I picked up a Mole Pod for $3.74 and the Rip Attack motorcycle with Snake Eyes and the Tiger Snake cobra vehicle for $3.24 each. I hadn't originally planned on buying those vehicles at normal price but they are hard to pass up for such a cheap price.

I was frustrated today when Hasbro Toy Shop sold out of the SDCC 2010 Sgt. Slaughter figures in less than 20 minutes. The Blaster reissue lasted only an hour longer. Luckily they updated Blasters availability so I was able to order one later in the day. Still no Sgt. Slaughters. Looks like I'll have to get them off of EvilBay...

Anyway, Back to the reviews.

A-Team Van:
Looks amazing, feel a little cheap. No Batteries included so I haven't tried the lights and sounds. Driver's and passenger doors open. Spacious interior accommodates most normal sized 3 3/4 in. figs. Sliding side door falls off...a lot.
Paint job is decent. The side mirrors and front bumper/grill is made of really bendy plastic and is subject to warping.
For the original $20 price tag I'd moderately recommend. For less than $7, get thee to a Target!!

Rip Attack RoC vehicles:
Both are repackaged with a previously issued figure. Snake Eyes and an Elite Viper renamed Street Viper. The motorcycle is an OD green with black wheels and handlebars. Handlebars are a bendy plastic and one of mine is warped from the package. 2 Yellow missles attach to either side of the cycle and act as support so the cycle won't tip over as it races along the floor. Both vehicles attach to a a hand launcher and come with a rip cord. Hand launcher must be set on a flat surface (or the block that protrudes from the bottom must be depressed, before the trigger will allow the vehicle to launch. The motorcycle is a bit meh. The repackage of the RoC Snake Eyes has no accessories and is also meh. I really only got it b/c it reminded me of the rip cord Evil Kineval motorcycle I had as a child.
The Tiger Snake vehicle looks like a suped up Mad Max style go-cart. A nice burgundy red with gunmetal accents and a silvery cannon mounted on the right side. Looks more like a Drednok toy instead of Cobra. I may go back and get another one later this week if they still have one. Much cooler than the motorcycle.
I hadn't planned on getting them at full cost but at the clearance price, I'm happy with the purchase. They roll about a foot on carpet and do much better on hardwood or linoleum.

The Mole Pod:

I already have the one from the Toys R Us battle pack so I wanted the original. Not bad as a Cobra doomsday vehicle.
The figure is a Frankenstein made from Crocmaster and Serpentor. Is it worth $4? I guess I'm somewhat of a completist... I don't hate it.

I promise these reviews will become more concise and clear with less ramble as time goes on.


Ok After more careful examination of my A-Team van, including adding batteries for the lights and sounds, I have come to the conclusion that I am very very happy that I didn't buy this thing at full or even 1/2 price. The plastic is thin, the paint job on the red stripe is sloppy, there are mold imperfections on the side panels of the van and the lights and sounds are laughable and are on a rotation so if you want to hear the tire squeal and engine rev, you have to cycle through the other 3 sounds. Oh, and the sliding door keeps falling off, did I mention that? The interior is molded with a lot of detail to the dash, it just needs decals or paint applications to show it off.
Again, I recommend this toy if you can find it on clearance. Not really worth $20 when compared to the more solidly built GI Joe vehicles.

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